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The warm and attractive Caribbean land. Jamaica is the home of world renowned music. From Reggae, to Ska, to Rocksteady and Dance Hall generations of music has been spawned from this tiny island nation. Even before popular Jamaican music took the reins as a staple of the global landscape, local genres were enthralling tourists with their heartwarming charm. For people of Jamaica, sonic culture has been an integral part of life since its earliest days as an independent country in 1962. With one of the most distinctive musical styles on Earth, musicians, producers, bands and composers all find themselves invigorated by the sounds of traditional Jamaica and modern incarnations alike. Music is central to making it island vibe alive ,and this is ever apparent through genre representative like Bob Marley or Usain Bolt; two giants whose sonic legacy demonstrates immense pride among both natives and residents alike. Music Jamaica is force that united people internationally against all boundari
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