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Direct like the word: reggae songs are accelerated adding jump up percussion or drum and bass. Music directly from the sound system for only the coolest of locales. Are you looking for some new music to listen to? Well, why not check out something different, like raggajungle music! This energizing blend of reggae and jungle beats is sure to make your affirmations run wild. Turn up the volume and let its vibrant grooves harmonize with your moves. From dancehall experiments to hypnotic dubs Ð from melodic moods to streetwise shuffles, itÕs a sound that is ever so inspiring! Get cooking in the kitchen, relax in your bedroom Ð or crank up the party vibes wherever you groove. So this weekend lets forget about must do lists and unwind into some bouncy raggajungle odysseys! Ragga jungle is a genre of oldschool jungle. It features jungle breakbeats, rudeboy and guntalk lyrics and reggae bass lines.