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A style from the sound system, from the attempt to raise the tones of reggae and the rhythmic verses. The over the top attitudes, both violent and sexual, reverberate through every element, even in the ass shaking young ladies. Dancehall is a jamaican music genre that exploded in the 90’s thanks to artists like Sean Paul, Buju Banton, Elephant Man and many more….listen here all their best dancehall songs.



Jamaican Music

The island of Jamaica, flourishing in the Caribbean Sea, has a diverse variety of music genres, from folk traditional music to nationalistic and patriotic songs. If you consider music as a tree, then its branches in Jamaica are reggae, dub music, dancehall, mento, ska, rocksteady and reggae fusion. The Jamaicans consider folk, reggae and dancehall as their most relevant symbols, and mento is the most emblematic genre considered by Jamaicans.

When the Rastafari religion spread in the Jamaican culture, and Rastas celebration too, the inhabitants of Jamaica united under the music that came, with the many artists we know. Traditional Jamaican music has influenced the music of other countries in many ways such as music toasting modified into ragging in New York and certain genres of British music like rock, jungle music and grime.

The various categories of music genres according to its style are given below:
Lord Flea and Count Lasher gained success with Mento music. The subject matter was rustic and rural life of slaves in the 1940s. The popular songs of this genre are Jamaica Farewell, Day-O, and Linstead Market. Its classic feature is its instruments as rhumba box, banjo, hand drums, mbira and its acoustic guitar.

Most of the times Mento and Calypso are confused together because of the similarities they have. It is the cultural representation of themes such as poverty, sexual insinuation and society problems. However, these serious dilemmas are discussed in a humorous way.

The typical example of rocksteady is Desmond Dekker in which the music is slowed down to give prominence to the vocalist along with the introduction of background instruments. It is the music of Jamaican's rude boys in the 1960s. The prominent figures of this genre in mid 1960s were Supersonics, Soul Vendors, Jets and Jackie Mittoo.

It emerged in the last years of the 1950s and it considered as the forerunner of reggae and rocksteady. In the 1950s, it was the result of products as Caribbean Mento with Calypso along with American jazz and R’n’B.

Joe Harriot got international fame based playing Jazz music. It emerged in the early t2000s. Alpha Boys School played a significant role in the formation of Jazz musicians in Jamaica. The most prominent Jamaican jazz musicians are Dizzy Reece, Leslie Thompson, Ernest Ranglin and Monty Alexander.

Reggae and Dub music:
Reggae music was created in the 1960s and it is about real life issues. Bob Marley is the leading figure in this music genre. In 1973, dub music came on the floor and proved a strong emergent remix. Augustus Pablo is responsible for its emergence along with Errol Thompson.

Dancehall and ragga:These genres emerged and became the center of attention in the 1980s. Yellowman and General Echo are the dominant figures of dancehall. It represents music along with sexual dances wearing scant and prominent dresses and its contents and themes are of violent nature.
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