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A genre whose simplicity and catchiness has conquered the world, bringing values of peace and justice and fighting corruption. A revolution of awareness. Reggae is a musical genre, but nowdays also a kind of religi—n connected to the Rastafarianism. Thanks to Bob Marley, the jamaican immigration in England and the chantful sound of the music, Reggae has reached all kind of people around the world, giving peaceful messages. In the 1968 Toots and the Maytals played Do the Reggay and there began the fantastic historic of this incredible jamaican music genre. Do you ever feel like drawing open the blinds on a day with not a cloud floating in the sky, taking some time off, rocking your island chi cap while rolling mango slices over cognac? Then it is only one thing that would really make these hours of emptiness complete... Reggae! Capturing those beautifully melodic and cultural beats, vibying with ripples of harmony and crisp, energizing percussion lines. Taking all away. Open your soul, just listen to the Reggae songs pumping out! A playlist with the best reggae music. from Bob Marley to Rastafarianism, the music and the religion go hand in hand from the 1968's Do the Reggay of 1968 Toots and the Maytals.

The Revolutionary Sound of Reggae: Bringing Peace and Justice
If you're a music lover, then you know the amazing power of Reggae. A genre that's known for its simplicity and catchiness, it has managed to conquer the world through the values of peace and justice. Not only is it a musical genre, but Reggae is also connected to Rastafarianism, serving as their kind of religion. With the help of Bob Marley, Jamaican immigration in England, and the chantful sound of the music, Reggae has reached all kinds of people around the world, spreading messages of peace. The first-ever recorded Reggae song was played in 1968 by Toots and the Maytals, and there began the fantastic history of this incredible Jamaican music genre.
1. The Roots of Reggae Music
Reggae draws influence from a range of musical genres such as R&B, jazz, and ska. It's characterized by its off-beat rhythm and simple chord progressions. The music style is known for speaking out against oppression, social inequality, and political unrest. This music form originated in Jamaica, and its roots go back to the late 1950s, when, after World War II, British sailors who had traveled to the Caribbean brought home ska records that were catching on there.
2. The International Stardom
Bob Marley, the undisputed king of Reggae, helped establish the genre internationally. Marley's music was more than just about catchy tunes; he showered his songs with powerful socio-political messages which encouraged listeners to follow their dreams. His music was so popular to the extent that he became a household name, and his songs were played on radios around the globe. Bob Marley and Reggae music can never be separated, and his music still inspires a lot of people today.
3. The Sound of Peace and Justice
Reggae music is known for its ability to bring people together despite their differences. It promotes social harmony, love, and equality. In the '70s and '80s, the genre flourished as Reggae artists spoke out against the political corruption, crime, violence, and economic struggles in their communities. Musicians like Burning Spear and Culture rose to international fame while using their platforms to educate and inspire their fans on issues of social and economic justice.
4. Reggae Music is Here to Stay
Reggae is now a global music phenomenon that has continued to grow in popularity. Bands and musicians such as The Wailers, Toots and the Maytals, and Steel Pulse, continue to use the genre to spread messages of peace, love, and unity. Reggae music is synonymous with good vibes, positive messages, and an unforgettable sound that energizes and revitalizes the soul.
Reggae music has achieved what most music genres yearn for- a voice to be heard all over the world. It's a diverse and inclusive sound that breaks down barriers and preconceptions. It's a genre that promotes peace and justice and encourages us all to strive for a better tomorrow. Reggae's music will always remain etched in the hearts of its fans and will continue to be played and enjoyed for generations to come. So, grab some friends, grab a cold drink, and let's celebrate the musical revolution of Reggae!



Reggae Music: what is it?

It is genre of music originated when Jamaicans initiated to express their suffering and hardships about social and political matters through music in the 1960s and early 1970s. Their prominence and emphasis was on a deep background bass musical movement, and catchy guitar riffs. They brought reggae music on the floor through the song Do the Reggay. The credit of its invention is on the producers Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd. Among its founders are Toots and the Maytals, The Wailers - Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. Caribbean islanders also used it as a tool to spread their culture and felt pride and gratification. It emerged under the influence of mento ( Jamican folk music) and American jazz. It has a realistic touch about social issues, news and political topics. It flourished in America and Britain as the voice of the subjugated.

It has the imprints of R’n’B, Jazz, African and Latin American music, mento and Calypso in its style. It is performed with the help of two guitars which interplay to intertwine symphonies along with the vocalists. Its distinguishing feature is its offbeat rhythm. As compared to Ska and Rocksteady, its tempo is slower and the emphasis is on the third beat which differentiates it from other music genres.

The instruments that are played in are standard drum kits, bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, horns and of course vocals. These all collectively work to create a soft, low and ironic music.

Popular Bands and Popular Artists:
The bands which got popularity include UB40, Steel Pulse, Rebelution, Toots and Mytals, Sublime, Twenty one Pilots, Third Worls, Iration, Mighty Diamond, Aswad, The Beat, John's Brwon Body and many more.

Burning Spear:
After Bob Marley and Burning Spear met, Marley suggested Burning Spear to record music, and he did it. Then he started it and escalated the message of harmony, love and peace through his music. He also delivered his thoughts and ideology about politics in his songs.

Israel Vibration:
It is the reggae band with its members Wiss Bulgin, Albert Craig, and Cecil Skelly Spence. They met in their childhood and worked a lot in the later years in the form of The Same Song, Unconquered People, Why You So Craven, Strength of My Life , On the Rock, Dub the Rock ,Israel Dub, Free to Move, Ras Portraits, Pay the Piper and Power of the Trinity. Their live albums include Israel Vibration & The Gladiators Live at Reggae Sunsplash, Vibes Alive, Live Again! and Live & Jammin.

It was founded in 1976 by Jamaican roots reggae. Its current members are Kenyatta Hill, Albert Walker and Telford Nelson. They worked on dub albums, Live albums, DVDs and Split albums.
The major and familiar feature which is common in all these works is its theme which is the depiction and portrayal of realistic poor and oppressed individuals of society.
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