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Dub has a curious origin, from the practice of dubbing reggae on the B-sides of vinyl to get the crowd singing in the Jamaican dance halls. The DJ then put on reverb and echoes to replace the vocals, which would later be used by different genres from house to drum and bass. Are you prepared to explore the musical realm of Dub? This genre is filled with iconic basslines, vocoded chanting, and traditional instruments routed through space age effects. It combines the sonic capabilities of modern technology and the sophistication of audio engineering to birth something exciting and forward thinking. Align your frequency with this revolutionary genre and take a journey beyond. Listen to Dub and let its vibrations shape the way you perceive sound. Dub is a music genre developed in the 1960s from reggae music. It is the instrumental remix of existing songs, with drum and bass parts, or treating the songs with riddim and other effects.