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Desmond Dekker

Desmond Dekker (16 July 1941 – 25 May 2006) was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer-songwriter and musician.



The Art of Self-Critique: How Desmond Dekker Elevated his Music

It's not often that you hear a musician praised for being an overly-critical analyst of their own music, but in the case of Desmond Dekker, it would be hard to ignore any such accolades. With his catchy reggae tunes and unapologetically honest takes on life's ups and downs, Dekker put himself into the music lover’s hall of fame long ago. But while he could sing a story like nobody else – popular songs like ‘Israelites’ and '007' proving that – he was also quick to roll up his sleeves and go through extensive self-critiques when need be. And who better than Desmond Dekker can know what truly makes one of his songs great?

Desmond Dekker is a name that has been synonymous with reggae music for decades. He was a pioneer in his time, famous for hits like 'Israelites' and '007'. But what made him truly unique was his ability to self-critique. Dekker was known to be an overly-critical analyst of his own music, and it's this trait that helped him elevate his music to legendary status. In this blog post, we will explore Dekker's approach to self-critique and how it shaped his music.

Dekker's approach to self-critique was simple: he listened to his music with an unfiltered ear and was brutally honest about what he heard. He would take apart every element of his songs, from the lyrics to the instrumentation to the delivery, and scrutinize them with a critical eye. This was a long and arduous process that often involved countless hours of tweaking and re-working his songs until he was satisfied with the final product.

One key aspect of Dekker's self-critique was his focus on lyrics. He believed that a great song should have a message and that the lyrics should convey that message clearly. He would spend hours crafting and re-crafting his lyrics until he was satisfied with their clarity and impact. This attention to detail is evident in songs like 'Israelites', where Dekker's storytelling prowess is on full display.

Another aspect of Dekker's self-critique was his focus on melody. He believed that a great melody was the backbone of a great song and that it was up to him, as a musician, to create melodies that were catchy and memorable. This focus on melody is evident in songs like '007', where Dekker's infectious hooks and rhythms have stood the test of time.

Dekker's self-critique also extended to his live performances. He believed that a great live show should be an immersive experience that leaves the audience feeling uplifted and inspired. He would often spend countless hours rehearsing and practicing his live shows until he was satisfied that he could deliver a truly unforgettable performance.

Desmond Dekker's approach to self-critique was unique and it's what helped him elevate his music to legendary status. His focus on lyrics, melody, and live performance set him apart from other musicians of his time and it's why his music continues to resonate with audiences today. In a world where self-criticism can often be viewed negatively, Dekker's story is a reminder that if you want to achieve greatness, you must be your own toughest critic.
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