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Italian jazz

Jazz arrives in Italy in the 20Õs and is cultivated and fawned during the 20th century, taking on the earthy Mediterranean colors and intense aromas of the peninsula cuisine. Jazz has always had a huge influence on the international music scene, and Italy is no exception. The country's love for jazz can be traced back to the mid 20th century, when times were simpler and just about everywhere that you turned, you heard the melodies of Jazz music. Today, there continues to be a strong following of traditionalists who jam out both older tunes as well as create new music that pays tribute to these classic acts. While many commonplace performers?Ñ?David Bohlen and Ceili Mossen among others Ñ help push the boundaries between Italian standards, one genre every Italian is sure to appreciate is Italian jazz. So if you find yourself in Italy looking for someÑ grab a cocktail and spend an evening under the stars enjoying what Italian jazz can offer The Italian version of jazz music, introduced in Italy in the 1930s by great America musicians, like Louis Armstrong.