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The Groovy Beats of Pippo Matino – Musical Biography and Best Songs
It's always great to discover new music from different corners of the world, and if you haven't heard of Pippo Matino yet, then it's time to add his groovy beats to your playlist. Pippo Matino is a Italian bass player who has charmed the world with his music. In this article, we’ll dive into his musical biography, explore his best songs, music genre and talk about the best concerts he held. So, sit back, put on your headphones, and let's explore the world of Pippo Matino.
Pippo Matino grew up in Lecce, a town in the South of Italy, and started playing music at a very young age. He was attracted to the bass guitar and quickly became a talented musician. In 1984, he moved to Rome to pursue his dream of a career in the music industry. Here he started collaborating with some of the best Italian jazz musicians, which helped him make a name for himself. Pippo’s unique style combines jazz, funk, and world music, and his musical journey includes collaborations with various renowned artists like Alain Caron, Michael Brecker, Sadao Watanabe and many more.
Behind his inimitable signature sound, lies a vast array of hits. Pippo Matino’s music touches and fills the air with upbeat tunes that will make you want to dance along. One of his famous songs is U Tanicu, a tune infused with Mediterranean melodies and a powerful bass line. Another song O Rre, showcases Pippo’s versatility, blending jazz and funk with southern Italian music. You can never miss Tranchis, one of the most energetic music of Matino. It's a fine example of Pippo's talent in playing the bass with its electrifying beats.
Pippo Matino’s music belongs to the jazz and funk genre, but his sound is unique and easily recognizable. He merges elements of jazz-fusion with southern Italian music creating a melodic and vibrant sound that appeals to a broad audience. With his upbeat tunes and bass lines that run deep into the soul, Pippo’s music is the perfect accompaniment to a party. His ability to blend different genres with different cultural vibes captivates fans all over the world.
Pippo Matino has held various concerts globally, his concerts are always filled with energy and audiences love to groove to the beats of his music. Notable concerts include the Umbria Jazz festival in Italy where he played with the legendary Mike Stern, and also at the Euro Muse Festival, where he featured with the Belgrade Brass Band. What sets his concerts apart is the rare combination of magnificent compositions, passionate musicians, and sensitive execution. Pippo knows how to create a magical atmosphere with his music that gets everyone up and dancing.
Pippo Matino's groovy beats and intoxicating melodies put him in a class of his own. His unique fusion of jazz and funk with Southern Italian music is a testament to his exceptional talents as a musician. From his humble beginning in Lecce, to playing at international music festivals, Pippo has become a household name in the music industry. His music inspires joy, energy, and happiness, leaving a lasting impact on fans worldwide. So, it's time to hit play on Pippo Matino's music and get ready to dance.
1 - Bass Song For Napoli
2 - Essential Blues
3 - Just Mary