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Arabic Music

There has been a full Arabic art Renaissance, regardless of all the problems that Arabic countries and culture have been facing. A delicate young voice that does not surrender to darkness, but blossoms in filmmaking, writing, painting, and especially music. The history of Arabic music is as long as the road that leads from India and Spain and crosses all regions and lands of the Middle East and North Africa. Thanks to this space dimension, Arabic music includes all the influences it encounters at its borders and on its path. Fast horses that carry wineskins of relaxing Moroccan music to the East where it meets the Egyptian and Kurdish flavored Persian tradition. This is Arabic music: tradition and revolution; a mix of oub, guanun, rabab, cymbals, darbouka, rig, daf, arghouls and mizmar shaken by the winds of pop, rap, rock, metal, trap and in general, by the media force of Western mainstream. A playlist with the best arabic traditional music mixed with the modern arab art. An explosion of a new music world that is growing day by day.


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