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The bite of a spider that causes young women to convulse, Taranta is a popular music composed by violin and tambourine that exorcizes with a whirling dance to rid those affected from evil. ItalyÕs famous music style known as Pizzica is well loved amongst Italian locals. It has a bouncy, uplifting melody that allows listeners to tap and dance along. In Apulia, the traditional rhythm used almost exclusively in pizzica bands is drummed live on a tambourine and then accompanied with bells for both percussion and drama. In Puglia Ð specifically Salento Ð two forms of Pizzica exist: Labelled as pizzico d'annata, this genre is standardized across Italy amd called Leprestellaform otherwise referred to as Sono Adinelle which expresses melancholia while still having an upbeat beat. Pizzica lovers note that the distinct folklore makes it relatively easy to recognize resulting in huge respect and dedicated fans around the world. Pizzica is a typical and popular Italian dance, born in Salento as a folk expression of couple dance, also known as Taranta or Tarantella


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