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Music passed on orally from time immemorial, the poor tradition of songs and dances that were handed down from generation to generation. Folk music has captivated listeners for centuries, inspiring individuals throughout generations. Its distinctive sound brings with it vibrations of emotion, ranging from joy and freedom to sorrow. From country songs on the cusp of Òthe great depressionÓ to heavy metal that made a splash in the 80s and 90s, folk music serves as an ever-evolving art form that changes to rock alongside societyÕs trends and beliefs. Global influences on folk tunes span from Appalachian hiills to Celtic green fields, blurring journeys of transition into delightful chords we know as Folk Music. It is a musical culture brewed in diversity; languages intertwined in unique beats that turn rise in lyrics speaking many truths yet heard by one nation. The folk is the traditional music that lived a revival during the 2oth century, a music genre that mixed traditions with new waves of rock and pop music.