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Folk rock

Songwriters strip rock of the electric guitar and give it a folk vibe, a successful move. Heavily invested, traditional lyrics and country rhythms and songs brought from stage to stage, country to country. Folk rock music is an iconic subgenre of popular music originating in the 1960s. It has earned its place as one of the most influential and successful genres throughout modern history. Fans are drawn to its dynamic mix of traditional instruments, such as acoustic guitars and banjos, alongside strong cultural lyrics. Singers have often been political activists expressing solidarity with their message through this creative medium. The melancholic melodies below its bluesy soundscapes energize and reinvent the genre through both modern and retro revivalism. With Phil Ochs, Richard Fari–a, Joan Baez as three massive influencesÑ respectfully known as 'the Holy Trinity'Ñ folk rock continues to define a lasting movement that honors classic roots and reimagines iconic melodies ahead todayÕs surging trends. Folk rock mixes traditional folk music with rock music. The pioneers of this genre are the Birds, influenced by Bob Dylan.