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Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin (c. 1868 – April 1, 1917) was an African-American composer and pianist. Joplin achieved fame for his ragtime compositions and was dubbed the "King of Ragtime".[1] During his brief career, he wrote over 100 original ragtime pieces, one ragtime ballet, and two operas.
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1999: ''Scott Joplin on Guitar, Volume 3 (feat. guitar: Gi''
1998: ''Scott Joplin on Guitar, Volume 2 (feat. guitar: Gi''
1998: ''The Complete Rags of Scott Joplin, Volume 1 (feat.''
1997: ''The Complete Piano Music of Scott Joplin (feat. pi''
1995: ''Piano Rags (feat. piano: Roy Eaton)''
1995: ''The Complete Rags of Scott Joplin (feat. piano: Wi''
1994: ''Scott Joplin Piano Favourties (feat. piano: Willia''
1993: ''Elite Syncopations: Classic Ragtime From Rare Pian''
''Marches, Waltzes''
''Ragtime Music of Scott Joplin''
1993: ''Scott Joplin's Greatest Hits (feat. piano: Robert ''
1993: ''The Best of Scott Joplin (feat. piano: John Arpin)''
1992: ''Scott Joplin’s Rag Time (feat. piano: Scott Kirby)''
1992: ''Treemonisha (1975 original cast)''
1990: ''King of Ragtime''
1990: ''Scott Joplin on Guitar (feat. guitar: Giovanni De ''
1990: ''The Red Back Book (New England Conservatory Ragtim''
1988: ''Piano Works: 1899–1904 (feat piano: Dick Hyman)''
1987: ''Scott Joplin Piano Rags (feat. piano: Joshua Rifki''
1985: ''Digital Ragtime (feat. piano: Joshua Rifkin) / Wal''
1975: ''The Easy Winners (feat. violin: Itzhak Perlman, pi''
1973: ''The Red Back Book (New England Conservatory Ragtim''
1972: ''Piano Rags by Scott Joplin, Volume II (feat. piano''
1971: ''Piano Rags by Scott Joplin (feat piano: Joshua Rif''
''The Sting''