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From the music you march to and that you'd hear in red-lit locales, this musical genre finds the middle road where the piano steals the show, inviting the crowd to dance or just sit back and relax. If you're a fan of classic ragtime music, then you're in luck! There are numerous ways to listen to this wonderful, old- fashioned genre right at your fingertips. From vinyl records to paid streaming services, there are diverse options available for all ragtime fans out there! Plus, several covers and popular hits have been lovingly reinterpreted over the years so that you can hear the music with a hint of modernity. So pick up your turntable, power up the computer, or crack a cold one open: it's time to enjoy some swanky ragtime vibes! Ragtime is an old music genre, featuring syncopated or ragged rhythm and polyrhythm. It was born in the African American community in St. Luis, with Ernest Hogan as its father

Discovering the Classic Ragtime Music Genre - Timeless and Swanky!
If you're on the lookout for a classic music genre that has stood the test of time, then you'll love ragtime! It's the perfect musical genre that hits the sweet spot between the fast and upbeat marches and the slow and soothing tunes played in shady joints. It's a versatile genre that has a massive following and is still of immense popularity today. From the syncopated beats to the unique rhythm and ragged feel of the music, this genre is fun, inviting and infectious.
Ragtime Music has diverse roots but was birthed in the African American community in St. Luis. Ernest Hogan deserves the titles of Father of Ragtime, as he created the genre and popularized it across the United States. With the music scene defining and redefining genres, Ragtime remains a staple in the musical world, with jazz and swing drawing much of its inspiration from it.
From vinyl records, paid streaming services to radio shows and cover songs, Ragtime music is never far away. Some of the classic artists who have contributed their unique sound to the genre are Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, and James Scott. These artists are responsible for making Ragtime known worldwide, with Scott Joplin being the highest selling musician in the genre.
One of the most significant benefits of listening to Ragtime music is its ability to evoke a specific feeling of joy, rhythm, and delight. The syncopated beats, coupled with a mesmerizing melody and engaging rhythm, make it an excellent choice for dancing and tapping your feet to the music. It's impossible not to groove to Ragtime music as it's infectious in its energy and power.
Another fun part about Ragtime music is the various interpretations of popular songs. Numerous artists have reinterpreted this genre, adding a subtle touch of modernity, particularly in covers and popular hits. The innovative interpretations ranging from different styles of jazz to more contemporary tunes make Ragtime an excellent choice for a wide range of modern-day music lovers.
In conclusion, discovering the timeless and swanky world of Ragtime music is an enriching and fulfilling journey. With a rich history and diverse roots, Ragtime remains a significant genre in the music world, with several artists continually introducing and reinterpreting the music. Its infectious rhythm and upbeat melody make it a catchy and fun genre to dance to while invoking a feeling of nostalgia in its listeners. So put on your dancing shoes, and don't hold back, because it's time to groove to the rhythm of Ragtime music!