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Beat Drop

In the electronic music, the drop is the climax song in which bass and drum take the lead. It is not properly a music genre, but the new age of social networks, webcams, GoPros, youtubers, and influencers has transformed this specific music passage into a music genre. As it usually happens in the history of music, the innovation in the society and the main culture give a push to music evolution. The history of the drop beat begins here, in the background of extreme sports videos.



Drop Music and Songs: An overview

Drop or drop beat is a musical style adopted in music when there is a sudden decrease or increase in rhythm or bassline of a song after a build section and break. When we paraphrase words of NPR about drop he says that it is the point in a dance track when energy is released during its progression and after sometime the pitch is higher and ultimately dropped. According to Billboard magazines a drop is the moment of rising instruments of bass and rhythm and sudden fall vitalizes people to dance up and down. It emerged in 1980s as the sub-genre of hip hop. It was produced Roland TR-808's deep drum machine and kick drum sound played together. There are some types of drop as electronic dance music, hip hop and rock and pop. There is a little variation among these types. As electronic dance song can have more than one drop during one song while in hip hop there is reinforcement on climax and first drop is emphasized. In metal core electronic drums along with a sample pad is used to give prominence to breakdowns. In rock and pop music distortion is created to snuggle the tempo and rhythm of the songs through bass and guitar.

Here are some other drop songs which gained popularity and forced people to move up and down on drops. These include: Dirty audio of Gorilla Glue, Wild Wild Horses by Ordinary life, Swedish House Mafia’s Don't you worry child, David Guetta’ Lovers on the sun, Avicii and Nicky Romero’s I Could Be the One, Birdy - Skinny love, The Chainsmokers - Don't let me down, Coldplay’s A sky full of stars.
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