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Alternative metal

The decision made here is to dismember metal riffs into different paths, each variety being accompanied by a different character: the grunge knight, a hip-hop warrior, or a dame with a fine voice. If you're looking to give your music collection a jolt, look no further than Alternative metal! Give your speakers something special with heavier riffs and a unique take on traditional song structures. This ever evolving genre crosses into various others, featuring elements of punk, industrial, hardcore, and more. Whether you seek post-grunge pop anthems or expansive prog rock, there's something in Alternative metal for everyone. Truly, it's like no other sound around today! Push boundaries by tuning into this ambitious, thrilling style of music and explore what the world has to offer. If you're looking for a new and exciting type of music to listen to, then you should check out alternative metal. This genre is a mix of heavy metal and alternative rock, and it's gaining popularity f

Alternative Metal: A Thrilling Genre with a Unique Sound
Are you tired of listening to the same old music? Do you want something that will give your speakers a jolt? Look no further than alternative metal! This genre offers heavy riffs, unique song structures, and a blend of punk, industrial, and hardcore elements. You'll find everything from post-grunge pop anthems to expansive prog rock in alternative metal. It's an ambitious, thrilling style of music that pushes boundaries and offers something truly unique. In this blog post, we'll explore alternative metal and why it should be the next addition to your music collection.
Alternative metal is a mix of heavy metal and alternative rock, with a focus on experimental sounds and unconventional song structures. Bands like Tool, Deftones, and System of a Down are some of the most popular examples of alternative metal. These bands are known for their heavy riffs, intricate lyrics, and use of unusual instruments like sitars and didgeridoos. The result is a sound that is both aggressive and thought-provoking.
One of the defining characteristics of alternative metal is its use of multiple genres and influences. For example, Deftones fuse heavy metal with shoegaze and trip-hop, while Tool blends metal with progressive rock. This blending of musical styles gives alternative metal its unique sound, and it's what sets it apart from other genres of music.
Another aspect of alternative metal that makes it so appealing is its emotional depth. Many alternative metal bands tackle heavy themes like depression, addiction, and the human condition. This often results in music that is intense and personal, allowing listeners to connect with the music on a deeper level.
If you're new to alternative metal, there are a few bands that are worth checking out. Tool is an excellent place to start, with their complex rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics. Deftones are another great band to explore, with their blend of heavy metal, shoegaze, and trip-hop. For something a little different, check out System of a Down, who combine metal with folk music and Armenian influences.
Alternative metal is a genre that is not to be missed. With its heavy riffs, unique song structures, and emotional depth, it offers something truly unique in the world of music. Whether you're a fan of heavy metal, alternative rock, or progressive rock, there's something in alternative metal for everyone. So why not give your music collection a jolt and explore this thrilling genre today?



So You Wanna Listen To Some Alternative Metal?

The Terminology of alternative metal really depicts what the genre really looks like. Literally means the alternative selection for the metalhead, it differs from the mainstream heavy metal genre. Alternative metal emerged in the late 1980s, and it becomes the genre that is hard to define compared to its family predecessors. After only a few years of appearance, Alternative Metal acquired its own popularity and demand during the 1990s, as the genres are more suitable for the global listeners’ taste. ‘The alternative’ in this genre means that it provides a wide range of combinations, from the progressive rock, funk, punk, and even rap! Hence, this genre distinguishes itself from the ordinary metal genre and creating their own eccentric yet fascinating style.

The alternative metal still emphasizes the heavy metal as the center of the music, which means the elements of heavy metal still exist and serve as its core. Usually, the most striking characteristic of the alternative metal is the utilization of heavy metal guitar patterns on the songs. Occasionally, it even employed the elements of experimental music to enrich the songs. In the vocal sections, alternative metal provides vast ranges of singing style, from sing to scream. Some of the alternative metal bands prefer singing, while some of the other vocalists love to growl and scream. At first, the alternative metal genre becomes the experimental field for many bands to create their own musical style by fusing some genres with heavy metal as the base. The result is, many bands have invented their own approaches to describe and spread the alternative metal genre. For example, the Alice in Chains and Soundgarden who combines the heavy metal with grunge, while some bands such as Corrosion of Conformity blend their heavy metal with garage punk. After its first emergence, the second wave of alternative metal appeared with different characteristics. The example of the bands in the latter waves is Korn and Rage Against the Machine, whose fuse rap music with metal. The successful and influential 1990s bands, such as Korn and Limp Bizkit, become the trendsetter of alternative metal style and since then, many bands are influenced by their personal style and it eventually becomes the face of the alternative metal.

Are you curious about this genre?
Firstly, I will recommend you to listen to Alice in Chains and Soundgarden in your first playlist. The song entitled Man in the Box can be considered as the best of Alice in Chains works during the 1990s, which also shape its uniqueness to what the band becomes now. Try to listen to Beyond the Wheel, Outshined, and Ty Cobb to find the grunge signature from Soundgarden's works. While my own favorite bands are Korn and Limp Bizkit, as they can be considered as one of the most famous alternative metal band. You can try to listen to Nookie and Rollin’ from Limp Bizkit as my personal best. Both of the songs really depict the combination and adding some electronic music to enrich it. Happy listening and headbangin’!
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