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Hard rock

The electric guitar has stood the test of time, writing an impressive amount of vinyls and filled the musical archives with hippies in black leather. Great bands that make history. Hard rock music has been shaking up the music scene for decades. For years, hard rock fans have bumped fists to a rhythm of pounding drums and screaming guitars. It's a genre that demands attention from all who hear it, drawing listeners with its furious power and intensity. From Led Zeppelin to Nirvana and Pantera to Korn, hard rock bands have earned an incredible cult following loyal to the cause of electrifying sound driven by distorted guitar palettes and undeniable live performances. Even today, there are countless fans taking solace in hearing every single note these magnificent hitmakers make. Hard rock is a subgenre of rock music, born in the 1960s. It typically features distorted guitars, aggressive vocals. Famous bands are Led Zeppelin, AD/DC, Guns'n'Roses and Van Halen.