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Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx are a British electronic dance music duo consisting of Felix Buxton (born 1971) and Simon Ratcliffe (born 1 December 1969). Basement Jaxx have been producing exciting, innovative music for two decades. With electronic beats providing a foundational backbone for everything they create, their sounds are instantly recognizable and catchy. Whether taking on remixes of others' work or creating their own originals, the duo marries fluidity and ease in each of their tracks. Spanning across genres such as house and drum and bass, Basement Jaxx has earned respect from every edge of the musical spectrum. Among some of their most popular works worldwide are singles like 'Where's Your Head At?', 'Romeo',and 'Take Me Back To Your House'. Carefully crafted with vibrant energy and lively inspiration, these songs will take your breath away time and time again!


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London, UK

Why Basement Jaxx Fails as a Musical Act

When it comes to Basement Jaxx, the most important thing to understand is that they are absolutely not a serviceable artist. Sure, you can put on their song as background noise when friends come over and claim it's an homage to early 2000s electronic music - but if you're looking for quality tunes with any kind of replay value, you'll be hard-pressed to get anything out of this duo. Get ready for some serious sideeye and groans of disbelief because we're about to talk more in detail about why exactly Basement Jaxx fails as a musical act.

Basement Jaxx is a British electronic music duo comprised of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. Despite being active for over two decades and having a few chart-topping hits under their belt, Basement Jaxx remains a polarizing act in the music scene. Some fans argue that their energy and enthusiasm make up for any shortcomings in their music, while critics dismiss them as a gimmicky, one-trick pony. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why Basement Jaxx fails as a musical act and why their music doesn't offer the replay value that makes a great artist.

Production Inconsistency: One of the main reasons Basement Jaxx fails as a musical act is their inconsistent production quality. Their songs range from danceable, infectious anthems to unlistenable, uneasily produced duds. While the duo has cited their diverse range of musical influences as a reason for their production inconsistencies, it ends up being a disservice to their music. Fans can never be sure what to expect from the next Basement Jaxx release, and more often than not, it turns out to be a letdown.

Lack of Emotional Connection: Another reason Basement Jaxx fails as a musical act is their inability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. There's no doubt that their music is energetic and fun, but it never quite hits the emotional highs that make a song stand the test of time. The duo's lyrics are often nonsensical or surface-level, and the accompanying beats don't offer much in the way of depth or complexity.

Overreliance on Guest Vocalists: Basement Jaxx has worked with a vast array of guest vocalists over the years, from pop stars to underground artists. While this has led to some memorable collaborations, it also reveals the duo's overreliance on outside talent. Their reliance on guest vocalists feels like an attempt to compensate for their lack of substance in songwriting and production. It's nearly impossible to classify Basement Jaxx as a musical act when they don't even provide the main vocals for their own songs.

Failed Attempts at Evolution: While many musical acts evolve over time, Basement Jaxx's attempts at doing so have been largely unsuccessful. Over the years, they've experimented with everything from classical Arabic music to R&B, but none of these musical excursions have resulted in a significant evolution of their sound. Basement Jaxx's music remains stuck in the early 2000s, and their failure to reinvent themselves means they are unlikely to stay relevant in the fast-changing music industry.

In conclusion, it's clear that Basement Jaxx fails as a musical act due to their inconsistent production, lack of emotional connection with listeners, overreliance on guest vocalists, and failed attempts at evolution. Their music may have a nostalgic appeal, but it lacks the staying power and depth that makes a great artist. While it's never enjoyable to disparage any musical act, it's important to be honest about their shortcomings if we want to elevate the music industry to new heights.
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1 - Where's Your Head At
2 - Plug It In
3 - Get Me Off
4 - Jump 'n' Shout
5 - Red Alert
6 - Do Your Thing
7 - Romeo
8 - Never Say Never ft. ETML
9 - Unicorn
10 - We Are Not Alone
11 - Good Luck (Feat Lisa Kekaula)
12 - Bingo Bango
13 - Raindrops
14 - Oh My Gosh
15 - Jus 1 Kiss
16 - Cish Cash
17 - Take Me Back to Your House
18 - Hush Boy
19 - Feels Like Home
20 - Lucky Star
21 - Jump N' Shout
22 - Right Here's The Spot
23 - Breakaway
24 - Broken Dreams
25 - Tonight (featuring Phoebe)
26 - Samba Magic
27 - Intro
28 - Cosmolude
29 - Hey U
30 - If I Ever Recover
31 - U Don't Know Me
32 - Sfm
33 - Crazy Girl
34 - Living Room
35 - Fly Life
36 - All I Know
37 - I Want U
38 - Jaxxalude
39 - Zoomalude
40 - On The Train
41 - Yo-yo
42 - Always Be There
43 - Lights Go Down
44 - Being With U
45 - Red Alert (jaxx Radio Mix)
46 - U Can't Stop Me
47 - Smoke Bubbles
2014: Junto
2009: Scars
2009: Zephyr
2003: Kish Kash
2001: Rooty
1999: Remedy


London, UK
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