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More than just a way of making music, using music produced or modified by equipment, from the first Theremin or commercial synthesizer, the Moog, came an enormous amount of different genres and musical directions in constant evolution. The pulsing beat of electronic music resounds in concert halls across the world. Each song creating a unique experience that combines elements of traditional instruments, modern synths and computers. Electronic music fuses opposites; synthetic sounds colliding with organic grooves to make sonic art rivaling traditional forms of expression. Deliberate controllers balance heart pounding melodies layered with undertones, blending genres as diverse as classical and hip hop while meticulously sculpting sonorous tapestries. No boarders divide one appreciation from another, it's all part of something greater which unites an ever growing subculture electro aficionados swear by. Electronic music was born at the beginning of the 20th century with the experiments of pioneer musicians. Today is the music played with synthesizers, or computer generated instruments and sounds.