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WTF, have you heard of this artist? Their musical history is certainly most intriguing. You may be surprised at some of their best songs and albums they have released throughout the years. Each track has a distinct tune off the beaten path. It is an absolute remembrance that needs to be taken time exploring in the music archive. We could spend hours and still not discover all the historical contributions this artist has made to the world of music. Who knows what hidden gems lay deep within each album?
The Musical Phenomenon of WTF!: A Journey Through Their Best Songs and Concerts
WTF!, the South African music duo, needs no introduction as they have left an indelible mark in their genre. The musical duo Nkabinde and Shonongo – among the pioneers of Gqom music, originated from KwaZulu-Natal. Their music speaks volumes about the cultural and traditional roots that they inherit from their land. It is rare to find music that resonates this much with people across the globe. Let's dive into the brilliance that is WTF!
The dynamic duo of WTF! came to life in 2009 and blew up from there. Nkabinde and Shonongo, the founding members of the group, decided to collaborate in the production of Gqom music, a mixture of Kwaito, house and tribal influences. They released their first album WTF! in 2012, which won the hearts of many and also put them on the map. Their music talks about their upbringing in the townships, about the struggles and hardships the people faced, and also shed light on the social issues affecting their community.
Best Songs:
WTF! has an impressive track record of hits that spans more than ten years of active musical contributions. Some of their best songs include uSbusiso, Ndini, and Wonke Umuntu. Their music touches on topics that speak volumes about the South African culture. Their instrumentation, the use of gqom beats as well as influential lyrics, are among their key characteristics.
Famous Concerts:
WTF! has graced many festivals and concerts across the globe, from Lesotho to Portugal and even as far as Amsterdam. Their most notable performances include the DStv Ibhayi Festival, the 2020 lockdown party and the Castle Lite Unlocks, where they shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Africa. Their energetic performance and unique sound are what makes them stand out from the crowd.
WTF!'s music hits listeners in multiple ways. While some listeners might resonate with the melodic instrumentation, the ingenious use of instruments and beats, others might vibe more with the deeper meaning in the lyrics. Critics admit that the duo is among the pioneers of the GQom genre and has contributed greatly to its popularity. Their music speaks to the older generation, who might experience nostalgia and the younger generation who find themselves caught up in the infectious sounds of the beats and lyrics.
In conclusion, WTF! is not just a music group; it is an embodiment of a perfect combination of various elements of South African culture and tradition. Their music is not just a product of entertainment, but also speaks to issues affecting the community. Nkabinde and Shonongo are indeed musical geniuses who have influenced the South African music scene tremendously. Their journey of over a decade is worth the accolades they have received. They have truly earned their spot as one of the most influential musical groups in South Africa.
1 - Da Bop
2 - Redic (Original Mix)
3 - CEABA55555 (Original Mix)
4 - You Can't Afford This (Original Mix)
5 - Shanguys
6 - Da Bop (video Edit)