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The rhythmic music of African Americans, popular and sensual. Big stars that spoke of the feelings and relationships between men and women. The singer took on a major role and eventually minimalized the role of the band. R&B music has acts such as SZA, Khalid, and Anderson. Paak whose groovy beats take you to a place of soothing calm. Close your eyes and envision swaying alongside a melodic instrumental reminiscent of Stevie WonderÑ thatÕs R&B music. Every stanza makes a lasting impression making you want to stay in this moment Ñ allowing the airy chords and warm vocals washing over you. When you slowly come out of your trance, be sure to press play again because with every song comes lyrics helpful for musing on life, love, & joy. Let the runaway track sit with your musical preferences it's no wonder why you keep going back. Listen to R&B music Ñ connecting all aspects of yourself through one auditory array. Rhythm and blues, or R&B, RnB, is a 1940s popular genre of African-American music. The typical instruments are piano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone. The themes are the wish of freedom and joy, relati