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Dany Brillant

Daniel Cohen-Biran, better known as Dany Brillant (born in Tunis, Tunisia on 28 December 1965), is a Tunisian-Jewish-French vocalist.
Dany Brillant: The Musical Journey of a Sensational French Artist
When it comes to French music heritage, the name Dany Brillant is held in high esteem. He is a seasoned performer, a remarkable songwriter, and an exceptional composer. Dany Brillant has a unique way of fusing different genres of music, creating a style that is both modern and vintage. His music is popular not only in France but also around the world, and his concerts are a lively spectacle that leaves audiences yearning for more. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the musical biography of Dany Brillant, some of his best songs, his music genre and some of his famous concerts.
Dany Brillant was born on December 28, 1965, in Tunis, Tunisia. He is of Jewish descent and immigrated to France when he was just ten years old. His passion for music began at an early age, and he started performing in nightclubs in Paris from the age of 14. In 1985, with the help of some friends, he produced his debut album, C'est ça qui est bon, which featured primarily disco and jazz songs. His style of music quickly gained traction, and he soon became a sensation in the French music scene.
Dany Brillant's music genre is a fusion of different styles such as swing, jazz, rock, and salsa. He has created a new genre which he refers to as French Pop Music, where he mixes French lyrics with American rhythms. His music is upbeat, with a lot of horns, rhythms, and strings. He has an ability to interweave different musical genres seamlessly, creating something that is his own.
One of Dany Brillant's most famous concerts was in 2008, where he performed at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. He sang some of his most popular songs from his albums Viens à Saint-Germain and Jazz à Saint-Germain. The concert was a huge success with more than 16,000 attendees, and critics praised him for his great talent and stage performance. This event cemented his place as one of the most exceptional performers in France.
Some of Dany Brillant's best songs include Suzette, La Queue du Chat, and Viens à Saint-Germain. These songs showcase his ability to mix various styles and create something unique. Suzette is a nostalgic tune that transports you back in time, while Viens à Saint-Germain is a more upbeat song that makes you want to dance. There is something for everyone in Dany Brillant's music catalog.
Critics have always praised Dany Brillant for his exceptional talent and creativity. They have applauded his ability to mix different styles of music, his charismatic stage presence, and his impressive vocal range. He has won several awards, including the Victoires de la Musique award for Best Male Artist in 2000.
Dany Brillant is a unique artist who has created a style that is all his own. He has won the hearts of many music listeners around the world, and his music is still popular decades after he first began performing. He has won critical acclaim and several awards for his outstanding performances, and he continues to inspire young artists today. Dany Brillant's impact on the French music scene cannot be overstated, and his music will continue to be a source of joy for many years to come.


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2024-05-24 h: 20:30
Akra Hotels
Antalya, Turkey
1 - Suzette
2 - Les parfums de l'Orient
3 - Mambo Italiano
4 - Viens Danser
5 - Besame Mucho
6 - Hier Encore
7 - Volare
8 - Dieu
9 - Un jour
10 - Buona Sera
11 - Regarde Moi
12 - La Rumeur
13 - Dis moi
14 - Dors
15 - Quand Je Vois Tes Yeux
16 - Histoire D'un Amour
17 - Tu Vuo' Fa L'americano
18 - Tant Qu'il Y Aura Des Femmes
19 - Fly Me To The Moon
20 - Ma Fiancée, Elle Est Partie
21 - Dans Les Rues De Rome
22 - Viens A Saint Germain
23 - La Nuit Est À Nous
24 - La Belle Vie
25 - Les Parfums De L'orient
26 - C'est Toi
27 - Y'a Qu'les Filles Qui M'intéressent
28 - Elle Dit Non, Non, Non
29 - Quand Le Jazz
30 - Dormir Avec Toi
31 - Une Fille Comme ça
32 - Redonne Moi Ma Chance


2024-05-24 h: 20:30
Akra Hotels
Antalya, Turkey
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