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Post metal

When you think youÕve reached the top and when youÕve worked hard to reach that goal, thereÕs a sad and empty sensation. Something is missing. ItÕs just this melancholic sensation that manifests in the genre, both in reality and fiction. Post metal music has become extremely popular in the metal musical world. From deceptively peaceful beginnings, this genre has seen a rapid rise in admirers and their respect for the genre has deeply grown in recent years. With increasing musicians experimenting with more extreme and intricate aspects of the sound, post metal ignites strong emotions of tension, despair, and anger with its thundering drum beats and rhythmic guitar progressions. This genre is perfect for those drawn to epic, meditative sounds with its melancholic ambiance combined with heavy and powerful instrumentals. It can be used to both behold solemn dreams or to invoke feelings of anger and rage as it creates an emotional bridge that cannot be taken lightly by contemporary rock fans anywhere. Post metal is a music genre that mixes post rock, heavy metal and the genre known as shoegazing, but moving away from typical metal conventions in and experimental way.