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The very best of rocksteady

A selection of the best rocksteady artists. If you're looking to explore the best of rocksteady music, your journey begins right here. Enjoy a selection featuring the greatest and most groundbreaking expressions of this beloved virtual genre! From its roots in Jamaica in the late 1960s onward, rocksteady has relied heavily on percussive instruments such as drums and shakers to lay its foundation -- all powerfully complemented by brass sections, electric guitars, organ arrangements, fascinating vocal double entendres -- rendering indeed a musical force entirely distinct. Such a fast invention refused classification at first -- brushing hard against ska's bright harmonies and bluesy belting, reggae's laid back beats -- so it is only fitting to owe tonight's tutelage to pioneers such as Alton Ellis and Symarip. Time now for intrepid explorers and investigators of good groove. Let us enter the realm of steadily crafted wonder!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Alton Ellis - Can I Change My Mind
2-Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday
3-Alton Ellis - Hurting Me
4-Boris Gardiner - Funky Nigger
5-Boris Gardiner - Don Juan