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666, the number of the beast

Bloodthirsty beasts, this playlist is for you… Satan chose this music to send his message.
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666 - the band

Producers, Mike Griesheimer and Thomas Detert, launched the 1997 German DJ act 666. Producing electronica mix of dance music, encompassing Spanish and English lyrics into their set and overtones. Rene one of the members of the act used the stage name "Diablo" and wanted to show the darker vibration of music by naming the label 666 with an affiliation to Satanism. Once on stage "Diablo" lip-synced the words, choosing not to use his own vocals; this added a devil like feel to the music, matching their own attitude of being "party devils". With the erotic, aggressive and powerful Spanish tones, mixed with English, this gave 666 a dark and original edge to this progressive house music. Releasing their remix No Good, "start the dance" by the Prodigy and Activates "Alarma", and this record recorded a great success across Europe. A revival of 666 in 2010, gave them a new vibration, sound and having made changes with their dancers, production and audio. 666 released their first single under a new style " Whoomp" reaching #19 on the German DJ Chart. This combination between their hit Supadupafly and Tag teams hit "Whoomp" has given 666 a new edge and following to their music worldwide.