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Our Lord exists for those that believe and those who don’t. The power of music could be so great as to offer a divine influence, inspiring whole societies and generations. Music has the strength to shape lifestyles, culture, and faith. Many have long referred to it as simply Music God in recognition of the celestial sound it spreads. It can evoke strong feelings in its listeners – happiness, sadness, motivation and hope – all within seconds of hearing that first note. It provides solace during pain, fills us with high energy for fun events and has even been used for healing purposes. Every artist adds his or her unique voice to its heavenly possibilities by crafting mesmerizing melodies from notes both sharp and soothing; tragic yet tranquil at once. And every now and then it produces something truly magical – not only beautiful but even inspirational in a way godly volumes can be heard from afar. No matter your chosen genre of music, there is one figure that creates it all whose speci
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