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Make your day happy

Songs that reinvigorate, reawake and rebirth. Stand in the middle of the countryside, feel the nature take your soul and gently take you away. Flying among the clouds, happily isolated. Take some time to listen to music that sparks joy in your day! From upbeat pop tunes to uplifting jazz, set the mood for a cheerful and content hours. Enjoy the feeling of being free as you silently sing along Ð an easy collection of blissful vibes would be ready to accompany you. Why not make a crafty playlist with unbeatable beats that keep you feeling light and energized during the day? HereÕs to those toe-tapping songs that bring a smile to your face whenever they come on! Let tunes become your stimuli for happy feelings that make each and every day special.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life
2-Brett Dennen - Blessed
3-Cake - Short Skirt/long Jacket
4-Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody
5-Bill Withers - Lovely Day