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Darkness, lost, frantically searching for a small opening for air. Music has long been apart of our collective cultures, carrying us through both joy and sorrow. It’s expressive, dynamic and inspiriting just by the mere suggestion of melody. But as accessible as some music is, there still exist a kingdom of forgotten tunes that parade beneath our traditional music culture’s obvious presence. Songs tucked away in antique record stores and crumbling archives around the globe that haven't graced a stream in over a century – an underside… a sort of ‘other land’ known as Music Obscurity. This area of singing remains vital in reminding us that variety is key to any meaningful music library, be it online or offline. For music that wouldn't see the light again if it weren't for these preservationists dedicated to chasing untamed relics of passionate rhythm, emotion and truth across space and time – we owe them immense kindness. The bottomless love they place into passing musical notes from hun
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