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Drum machines and synthesizers, fast-paced, childrenÕs voices or shouting, with a burlesque and ironic style. Eccentricity of the musical cabaret that brought to the genre a chic niche. Electroclash music is an up and coming sound that is creating a sensation. It fuses electronic dance beats with elements of punk, glam rock and new wave to create a unique culture. Fans of this genre find inspiration in the aggressiveness and avant garde scale not found in other genres. As clubs, festivals and internet playlists popularize this sound, electroclash music has surpassed many established genres in its versatility. Already successful bands such as Ladytron have opened the door for many more bands keen on making use of throttling sequencer distortions paired with growling vocals to produce amazing tracks. Love it orhate it, electroclash music has arrived to reign over the 21st century soundscape! Electroclash is a retro music genre that mixes new wave, punk and synthpop. It was born in the 1990s as a reaction to techno music.