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Dark music

Melancholy, a feeling that feeds our brain more and more, and through depression becomes a characteristic element of our industrial city; having already been reflected in music as a natural expression of feelings and styles. Black. If you're looking for a genre to buff up your playlist, why not try some Dark Music? You can impact your mood in any given day by opening up to new and captivating audio. Choose a tune that makes each bit of silence electric and your heart beat along with the melody. Allow yourself to escape each harsh reality as smooth tunes slowly fill the gaps between doubt and fears. Unplug from all distractions, dim the lights, and take in the dark music experience. Let each sound act as healing agent that helps illuminate even life's most prevalent shafts of darkness. Dark music or dark wave is a style of electronic music made with synthesizers and influenced by gothic rock, new wave and synthpop. Germany is the birthplace of this genre that developed in the sorrow