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The anonymity of the garage punk

Garage punk. Remain anonymous. Personal problems and fun. Refuse the social rules. Fast and complicated dances. Difficult to not be caught, but rarely reaching the success of mainstream. Garage punk is here! Get ready to sing as loud as you can and let your creativity flow. With its catchy melodies and powerful guitars, itÕs music for the real rockers out there. Its blend of influences from pop to classic oldies create a resilience sound that rushes through fans like an unstoppable force. Days filled with joyous energy from the passionate tones of garage punk power its listeners with an unyielding spirit. Who knew music could have such an uplifting effect?
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Evil - I'm Movin' On
2-Red Beard And The Pirates - Go On Leave
3-The Answer - I'll Be In
4-Abstract Sound - I'm Trying
5-Gambler - Little Girl