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Landscape songwriters

Great songwriters show us the path to follow and the endless landscapes to cross. We, as humble followers are seduced to hitchhike on Route 66, trying to take in all that seems familiar and that beyond. Feeling inspired? If you're passionate about music and nature, then landscape songwriting could be the perfect form of expression for you! Capturing the beauty of nature through lyrical storytelling is such a rewarding experience. As a songwriter, it's your chance to express yourself with creative tunes while enjoying the great outdoors. You don't need to let your creativity be confined by any boundaries?be boundless and explore everything Mother Nature has to offer! Nothing compares to the joy and mesmerizing effect that beautifully crafted songs can bring. Let your passion take over and give your creativity as a landscape songwriter free rein!

Exploring the Beauty of Landscape Music: History, Genre, and Song Examples
For many music lovers, listening to music is a way to escape the chaos of everyday life. In the search for peace and tranquility, what can be more fitting than music that transports you to the beauty of nature? Landscape music, a genre that combines music with the natural environment, has captured the hearts of many listeners worldwide. In this blog, we will dive deep into the history, genre, and famous song examples of landscape music while exploring the path great songwriters have shown us.
History of Landscape Music:
The concept of landscape music was first introduced in the late 19th century by English composer Gustav Holst when he composed his suite, The Planets. The suite was Holst's attempt to depict each planet's astrological character and different nature. After Holst's creation, landscape music became more and more popular throughout the 20th century. Throughout the 1960s, American landscape music came to life, with composers like John Denver, Tom Lehrer, and Jim Croce producing music about the beauty of America's landscape.
Genre of Landscape Music:
Landscape music is a subgenre of ambient music, characterized by slow and tranquil melodies that take the listener on a journey through different landscapes. The genre typically omits vocals and focuses on instruments and natural sounds like birds chirping, waterfalls, and crashing waves. The music is designed to create an atmosphere where listeners can relax and enjoy the scenery around them.
Famous Song Examples:
Landscape music has produced several famous songs, with some of the notable ones being Blue Mountains by David Arkenstone, Gone by Ioanna Gika, and Malibu by Miley Cyrus. David Arkenstone's Blue Mountains is a testament to the beauty of the Blue Mountains of Australia. Ioanna Gika's Gone is a soulful piece that takes listeners on a journey through a forest, while Malibu by Miley Cyrus is Cyrus's tribute to the beautiful Malibu coastline.
Great songwriters show us the path to follow:
Many great songwriters have shown us the path of landscape music, with the likes of John Denver, Tom Lehrer, and Jim Croce popularizing the genre in America. One of the great songwriters of landscape music was British composer Gustav Holst, who created his magnificent suite, The Planets, after studying astrology. The Planets took listeners on an imaginary journey through each planet's astrological character and nature. Another great songwriter of landscape music was Kitaro, a Japanese musician, composer, and pioneer of the new age movement. Kitaro's music was a reflection of his journey through various landscapes, including forests, mountains, and oceans.
In conclusion, landscape music is a genre that captures nature's beauty and blends it with the tranquility of music. The music has its roots in Gustav Holst's work and has gained popularity throughout the 20th century. Landscape music typically omits lyrics and focuses on instruments and natural sounds. The genre has produced several famous songs, and great songwriters like Gustav Holst and Kitaro have shown us the path to follow. We hope this blog has given you a glimpse into the beauty of landscape music and that you will explore further the works of the many great artists that create it.
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