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Landscape songwriters

Great songwriters show us the path to follow and the endless landscapes to cross. We, as humble followers are seduced to hitchhike on Route 66, trying to take in all that seems familiar and that beyond. Feeling inspired? If you're passionate about music and nature, then landscape songwriting could be the perfect form of expression for you! Capturing the beauty of nature through lyrical storytelling is such a rewarding experience. As a songwriter, it's your chance to express yourself with creative tunes while enjoying the great outdoors. You don't need to let your creativity be confined by any boundaries—be boundless and explore everything Mother Nature has to offer! Nothing compares to the joy and mesmerizing effect that beautifully crafted songs can bring. Let your passion take over and give your creativity as a landscape songwriter free rein!
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5-De La Soul - Saturdays


Special contents
Chris De Burg, the British-Irish singer, and songwriter, has sold over 45 million copies worldwide of his hit The Lady In Red which reached number one in several countries. In 1997 Chris De Burg, wrote and composed the song Theres a New Star Up In Heaven Tonight was a tribute and dedication to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Many of his songs refer to many historic battles especially World War I and World War II, this powerful reminiscence and interest in History, has led him to write many songs for other artists globally. Songwriting originally required the writer to attend college and gaining a University degree or diploma within modern music and history. Many of the elements of becoming a great songwriter will be a deeper understanding of the technology for creating the music such as synthesizers, sequencers, and computer sound editing. Composers are songwriters along with individuals who write the melodies, chord progression and lyrics for the song; this definition is what classifies you as a professional songwriter. Many songwriters are employed to write the lyrics or the music directly working with the recording artists. Creativity, imagination and the ability to see a script before it is created are some of the qualities that enhance this profession and takes you to the higher realms of becoming well known for the music your create. With todays technology songwriters can record from their home surroundings with a good quality USB microphone and laptop. Songwriting has become and independent profession no longer needing publishers to support their work, many bands have their own in-house staff writers who are employed by a publisher. Nashville country music scene has a very well established and exclusive staff writers, as the publishers contract them into the term of producing the album and not taking this externally to be published by another publisher in the music industry.