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A physical impulse hard to stop. Music has a power like none other. With just a few strums on a guitar or hits on a drum set, one can fill an entire room with something truly captivating. It can etch itself deep into our hearts and alter our mood. Music becomes worthy of devoting every ounce of time and energy as it incites inspiration in any budding musician who lays their hands upon an instrument. It detaches us from the mundane and elevates us to realms beyond our realm; allowing us to express emotions uncharted by language alone. Music lures us in regardless of genre, culture, or feel; taking us on an unstoppable journey into the far corners of creativity. Its appeal is universal and these melodious pieces linger within the depths of our memories for days after hearing it thundering through the speakers. Its vibrance adds another layer colour to whatever message needs articulating purposeful providing solace as one cycles back into life’s ebbs and flows, if needed.
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