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Kill Bill, Kung-Fu shoots the beats

Distant and resentful looks, furious Kung-Fu battles, strange and wise jokes and unpredictable solutions. Youth and extravagance.
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Special contents

Kill Bill

RZA produced and orchestrated with the Wu-Tang Clan, a #1 soundtrack for the movie script Kill Bill Vol 1. With the collaboration of Quentin Tarantino, a mixture of ‘hip-hop beats’, reggae, base, rock along with various other genres. RZA productions, settled with ‘Crane and White Lightning’, which was original set to be a Metallica track. Robert Rodriguez wrote the score for Kill Bill Vol 2, in advance of the movie being scripted and shot. As a close friend and fellow director of Quentin, Rodriguez performs “Malagueña Salerosa” over the closing credits with his own band Chingon; Quentin wanted the closing credits to be dramatic, and to also credit his close friend for the mixed collaboration on the recorded track.

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino came up with the idea and characters for Kill Bill, whilst on set filming Pulp Fiction. The original script was a four-hour movie, but they choose to split the filming in two and create the first Kill Bill Vol 1 on “Eastern” cinematic influences reflecting the Kung-Fu genre. Kill Bill Vol 2 released on screen in 2004, was scripted to encompass a revenge Kung-Fu movie set in the 1970’s, with the “Spaghetti Western” genre playing an influence on the music.

David Carradine was a martial artist and American actor best known for his roles in “Shaolin Monk” and the 1970’s Kung Fu TV series. Playing the titular character “Bill”, Tarantino wanted the famous flute to be featured that David Carradine carried with him on set, originally David Carradine was a musician and created his own flute whilst working on his 1970’s movie Kung Fu. As this was such an integral part of that era, Tarantino added the flute that bill is seen with, scripted a scene with the flute based off the original American TV series “Kung Fu”.