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Kill Bill, Kung-Fu shoots the beats

Distant and resentful looks, furious Kung-Fu battles, strange and wise jokes and unpredictable solutions. Youth and extravagance. Kung-Fu has vamped up the fight scenes! Kill Bill is a movie clocking in with some serious action sequences. Especially when it comes to delivering knockout punches and agile kicks, nothing beats superb Kung Fu choreography! You could almost feel the heart of the fight sizzling with every lunge, jolt, and counter attack laced with intense music scores accompanying them. Overall, with each skirmish; youÕre bound to be riveted to your seat just by breathtakingly fast and furious bodily antics depicting the highest form of man vs man duels Ð Kung Fu fights! We have tried to imagine a new soundtrack for Tarantino«s masterpiece. A mix between Kung-Fu shoots and alternative music.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-SZA - Kill Bill
2-Dub Inc - Rudeboy
3-Asian Dub Foundation - Rebel Warrior
4-Death Grips - The Fever (aye Aye)
5-The Lively Ones - Surf Rider