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The torments of the dark rock

Dark room, a hovering malaise, ruined tapestries and scraped walls, a room in the darkness to better observe it. A few blades, some drops of blood fall to the floor, a generation riding on the sadness to escape reality. The rhythmic thump of the kick drums pulsate with each thunderous beat, adding an ethereal element to classic dark rock music. Blending intense senses and dynamic interaction, this vibrancy of sound creates soulful communication between the fan and artist. The combination of electric guitar strings, riffs that echo throughout the auditorium, together with heavy bass beats forms majestic landscapes of sound. Standing center stage, truly alive in the presence of dark rock's melodies embraced by a phenomenal crowd makes these concerts unforgettable experiences!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
2- -
3-Inxs - Need You Tonight
4-Bloc Party - Banquet
5-Burlesque - Collision Of Sex


Special contents

The origin of the Darkwave, the Goth Metal

Marc Bolan, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols and David Bowie shaped the aesthetics of gothic music with their guitar patterns, deep and dark themed music setting the atmosphere as an untouched underworld.

1976 saw Anne Rice publish "Interview with a Vampire", although a dark main character, a love story was created allowing the audience for gothic music to come out of the dark and into the light as a following of historic gothic places and written scriptures. With the Damned releasing their debut album under the punk rock theme, the group's vocalist was dressed as a vampire, having worked previously as a grave digger, many new followers started dressing for their concerts with costumes that represented the space between hell and heaven.

The doors were often referred to as having a dark edge to their music, sometimes-violent outburst in their lyrics, setting them apart and truly starting the Goth music genre in the mid-1970's. When gothic metal ge influenced by electronic synthetizers coined the Darkwave.

As the Goth Electronic Music grew in the early 1980's the well-known band The Cure had a withdrawn feel and style to their music tapping into the darker side of the human mind. They later became one of the most recognised bands of this century with their lyrics and guitar riffs. The Cure Frequently played at the famous "Batcave Club" in London, a venue for the Goth scene, where bands such as Southern Death Cult and The Damned with their new album release " Black Album" took them away from their original punk sound into the deepest and darkest depths of Goth music.