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Through the origins of dub

The minimal sounds of bass and drums. Born from the deep desire to bring us the true word and show us something more original, more spiritual and more often. Dub is a genre of music that has been active and ever-evolving for decades, delighting the eardrums of music aficionados the world over! It is a complex style of reggae music that started out in Jamaica during the 1960s. By blending traditional Caribbean mento and calypso styles with instrumental reworkings of current Reggae songs, Dub pioneers were able to create a completely new sound altogether. As technology evolved and became calmer to use within the home environment, these innovators found inventive ways to build upon their creations in the shape of modified audio mixes and vocal extensions. One of the greatest outcomes from all this was DubÕs global license: it could be appreciated and adapted by any culture who projected its own background into it. In some ways, it united different countries musically, creating something utterly harmonious despite its complexity; and even today it continues to evolve!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
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