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The rejected invites of Woodstock

That which we wanted to hear in that famous festival, destiny didn’t allow for.
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Bands Who Did Not Play Woodstock

The Doors we just a few of the famous bands of the 1960's that choose not to attend Woodstock, Jim Morrison felt this outdoor event would not work for his band, choosing not to attend the most famous festival of all time.

Led Zeppelin was in his prime touring the East Coast of America, playing at his own music concert at the famous Asbury Park Convention Hall, in New Jersey on the weekend of the Woodstock Festival. Deciding to enjoy his own tour and music fans. Led Zeppelin turned down the opportunity to appear on stage for one hour, he was only South from the Woodstock venue.

Woodstock attracted an audience of over 400,000 people in 1969, spread over three days, with 30 tribute acts performing on stage. Set on a dairy farm in New York State, the small town of Bethel, in Sullivan Country, later recalled this as one of the most pivotal moments in music history.
The Rolling Stones headlined and changed Rock and Roll for the new counterculture generation to come. Bill Henley was famously recognised for the infrastructure of the Woodstock Bins, having built large columns over the hills with 16 large speakers, backed by 3 transformers with over 2000 amperes of power to support the acts.

Many bands that passed over the chance of attending Woodstock believed that a concert on a diary farm was not an association they wanted to be remembered by. The Moody blues had been featured on the promotional posters as attending the show, only to pull out to tour in Paris, this was a regret that the band had after the amazing success of the festival and music artists.
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