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Graffiti on the ghetto walls

It’s the dead of the night, everyone’s asleep, and you snuck into the metro tunnels and are now in front of the wall to building in the periphery. You shake your can and leave your footprint, let the system hear your voice!
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Graffiti Art

Graffiti artist such as Banksy, D*Face, and Blek Le Rat gained international respect and admiration over the last recent years. Graffiti Art has truly changed the way it is seen form the walls on the street, to receiving respect on the walls in the galleries. International artist Obey (Shepard Fairey) and RYCA have encouraged and merged this new form of art worldwide, paving the way for Graffiti Art to now be recognised and reward for it's unique style.

Upfest 2016, was one of the largest European free street and art festival held in Bristol in the United Kingdom, recording over 30,000 visitors to visit and pay gratitude to the works of art displayed throughout the City. Talented artists travel to this festival and paint live on a 30,000-spft board, entertaining visitors with their outstanding works of art. With live music, art sales, workshops and entertainment, the Upfest festival is one of the most recognised artist's dream, capturing the very essence of Graffiti Art.

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire, etched and used inscriptions, figure drawings, spiritual animals, spiritual words and meanings onto their walls, monuments and statues. Painting the history and stories of the Gods, Pharaohs and the Roman Empire scripted their beliefs and stories of that ancient time. Ancient Graffiti art, displayed love through their drawings, written phrases, and often-political messages for others to follow, making a declaration of their ownership of this land.

In modern day times spray paint, marker pens are solely used to express how one feels, often done on private land as n underlying message or gang identification and to mark one's territory of their tribe. Graffiti art has been associated with the hip-hop culture and it's music.