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The decadence of the cemeteries

The greats of rock have always been attracted to the other world, sailing among the graves in the cemeteries of London, Paris, New York. TheyÕre stars for them, you know, itÕs better to burn out than to fade away. The cemeteries boast a delightful and elegant atmosphere. Reminiscent of past decades. Looking up at the sun rises in awe, Nature leaves behind its blessing by filling one's heart with beating laughter hope, gratitude and melancholy. Artful gravestones start singing along with the undulating melodies found in expansive orchards and rolling hills; the melancholic songs bid farewell to those sleeping beneath the soil. With stories enough to fill books, bereaved families often gather in these tales of long lost eras, honoring their loved ones. Leaving voices left unheard reflecting in serenity amongst these once lavished grounds said goodbye has never been so beautiful.
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