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The decadence of the cemeteries

The greats of rock have always been attracted to the other world, sailing among the graves in the cemeteries of London, Paris, New York. They’re stars for them, you know, it’s better to burn out than to fade away.
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Stai Music Review Star Graves By Isabella Rose, Editor of Sunshine Publication Humphrey Bogart, Clark Cable, Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracey are just a few of the many stars that are resting in peace within the grounds of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Forest Lawn was created to become one of the most peaceful resting places for the major Hollywood stars. Holding over 250,000 graves, Forest Lawn is a unique and respected memorial park. Surrounded by 300 acres of rolling green hills, with quaint English churches and white sculptures arranged and placed amongst the famous stars and the most influential filmmakers of all time. Dr. Hubert Eaton decided in 1917 to create a unique and joyous place to celebrate life after death, by creating private walled gardens of rest and hidden gravestones amongst the trees. The sheer beauty of the flowers, lake, and scenery, allows the visitors that come to Forest Lawn to feel that the spirit of those we once admired and followed have lived on. As a religious retreat, museum, art gallery and architectural showcase, Forest Glen has over a million visitors a year to spend time and admire the famous art, events, and peacefulness of the memorial park. Pope John Paul II visited Forest Glen to bless the church and land for many; Ronald Regan married Jane Wyman in 1940 at the chapel overlooking the rolling hills, the chapel has now given service to over 60,000 weddings being held there. You will find Walt Disney, Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole and many more respected actors hidden behind walled gardens, a choice that is offered to those wishing to be buried at this sacred and enlightening cemetery. Many search for the most famous graves on arrival at the Memorial Park; however, the staff, and guides have chosen to respect the wishes of those placed in their hands, by not divulging to anybody where the gravestones are placed. Forest Glen Memorial Park is the most respected cemetery to have been created in the United States, a place of worship and love. Sunshine Publications, A Division Of Isabella Rose Online w. www.isabellarose.online e. editor@sunbshinepublication.com