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Relax and take a trip hop

Just like Ulysses, we too, are attracted to the smooth singing of the sirens; the hypnotic and deceptive electronic drums keep us aboard… but for how long?
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Trip Hop Massive Attack launched their first album "Blue Lines" in the mid-1990; this came as a mainstream breakthrough for Trip hop, a subgenre of electronic music. Bristol in the United Kingdom became the dominating city to experiment with a variant on breakbeat, influenced by funk, soul and jazz. With a fusion of hip-hop and electronica, the second half of the 1990's mixed a combination of dub and house, R& B, ambient music, accompanied by electronic music. Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambataa and DJ's Kool Herc, were just a few of the sound system group that diverse with Jamaican dub music, creating a strong following in Bristol as the number one place to listen to underground DJ's, and enjoy illegal street parties creating community diversity. Trip Hop had spread across Europe with the Icelandic musician "Bjork" releasing in 1993 her album "Debut". As a house music artists, this rare introduction of Trip Hop into the first album paved the way for electronic dance music to mix into mainstream pop. Many artists in other genres have been influenced to introduce Trip Hop into their music; Berth Orton, Nine Inch Nails, Travis and Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue released "Impossible Princess" in 1997, mixed and written with a strong Trip Hop vibe. Known for it melancholy sound, Trip Hop incorporates trumpets, flutes, and saxophones. Groove Armada and Massive Attack with the support vocally of Tricky are still creating albums, influencing this current time with new and post-punk band covers. Trip Hop has become one of the dominating genres for many current artists of this day. Sunshine Publications, A Division Of Isabella Rose Online w. www.isabellarose.online e. editor@sunbshinepublication.com