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Woodstock, a piece of rock music history

Woodstock, the icon of a generation, a mythical festival that everyone wishes they had attended. Grab some LSD, head into the meadows with friends and relive the emotions of that special event. The 1969 Festival of Woodstock has a special place in the history of rock music as Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Who, Janis Joplin participed in the event. Woodstock was a legendary event that has gone down in music history. It brought thousands of people together to celebrate their love of rock music, creating unforgettable memories that will live on forever. People sang together and swayed side to side as the soulful music permeated the air. It's no exaggeration to say it was an out of this world experience! The Woodstock concert was an undeniable magnet for positive energy, uniting families and friends all around the world. Music truly has a magical power like none other-- Woodstock proved it! We want to celebrate with this playlist the Festival of Woodstock, an event that changed the rock world and became an icon for the hippie generation.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Country Joe And The Fish - Love
2-Richie Havens - Freedom
3-The Band - We Can Talk
4-Johnny Winter - Mean Town Blues
5-Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit


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Academy Award winning movie documentary “Woodstock”, featured an accompanying soundtrack with Joni Mitchells hit single “Woodstock”, which commemorated the Woodstock event. Leading artists such as “Nash & Young”, “Crosby”, “ Stills” and Matthews Southern Comfort; who later released their own cover album of this original soundtrack.

Woodstock attracted an audience of over 400,000 people in 1969, spread over three days, with 30 tribute acts performing on stage. Set on a dairy farm in New York State, the small town of Bethel, in Sullivan Country, later recalled this as one of the most pivotal moments in music history. The Rolling Stones headlined and changed Rock and Roll for the new counterculture generation to come. Bill Henley was famously recognised for the infrastructure of the “Woodstock Bins”, having built large columns over the hills with 16 large speakers, backed by 3 transformers with over 2000 amperes of power to support the acts.

Creedence Clearwater Revival signed the first contract for the festival, leading the way for Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Who, Janis Joplin, Blood Set And Tears, Joan Beaz, changing the course of this collaboration of various genre's, setting each artists on the road to completion and recognition worldwide for their music.

Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfield, John Roberts and Michael Lang, initiated Woodstock. Michael Lang had great success on the East Coast the previous year with the “Miami Pop Festival” attracting an audience of 25,000 people over three days, which inspired Michael Lang, a promoter and organiser to initiate the first steps to collaborate the peace-loving music festival "Woodstock". For generations to come, Woodstock will always be remembered as an iconic memory within the 1960's of a gathering of iconic music artists, peace and love between all cultures, religions, and music.