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The Californian skate punk

Ribs are broken within 2 and a half minutes and you find yourself smiling; sun, rebellion and friendship. The skatepunkers came from the coast of California in the wake of Vans and skateboards. Irreverent, but not is excess. The skate punk, born on the Californian Coast in the late 80«s, is becomed in the 90«s like a music style for all the skaters mass, above all with the commercial success of bands like Offspring, Blink 182, Green Day, NOFX and Rancid. Here you can find the best skate punk music! Are you looking for the best skate punk music in town? Look no further! Offspring, Blink 182, Green Day, NOFX and Rancid have everything you need. All these artists have produced amazing skate punk songs that you can enjoy with all your friends and family. Visit them now and grab your headphones; the pure energy that each song has to offer is like nothing else! Life's too short not to enjoy high-quality skate punk music crafted by the best at their craft. Get ready to experience pure joy and bliss from Offspring, Blink 182, Green Day, NOFX or Rancid now! This playlist is ideal for skatepunkers, this music style is inspired by the californian skate punk bands like Offspring or Green Day
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Blink 182 - Asthenia
2-Offspring - Gone Away
3-Nofx - Punk Guy
4-Propagandhi - Fixed Frequencies
5-Good Riddance - Texas

Skate Punk

Steve Olson, the legend behind the creation of Skate Punk, skated the sidewalks along route 66 freeways in California. The 1980’s journey of skateboarding and punk rock united on the Pacific Ocean sidewalk, joining entities to create an everlasting identity, now known as skate punk. With his punk rock attitude, Steve Olson was top of his game on the skate scene, a profound influence in the world of punk rock, he endeavoured in a recorded interview in 1978 with America’s ‘skateboard magazine’, after winning the noble prize of skateboarder of the year, to shock the media world of this new raw energy of danger found within the punk rock scene. With an attitude of aggression, Steve Olson collaborated with the skating world and punk rock music. Dick Hebdige published subculture in 1979 making history in the music world with this creation a subgenre of punk rock, now popular amongst skaters. Throughout the early 1980's skate punk grew and softened into a melodic genre of punk rock. When you stepped on a skateboard in California in the early 80’s you were known as an outlaw, the same as punk rock and the anarchies against the rules of political change around the world. Profound dubbing of the skate punk music scene bought the bands Sex Pistols from the UK and the New York Dolls to the world of skateboarding with both reeling off the adrenal rush that the base and energy of the mix subculture formed in the 1980’s. They skateboarded and they were punk rockers a mix of power and freedom from the drum and base behind the scenes. Trash talk came to light in 2010 by reignited the 80’s skate punk bands and influence by reminiscing of the old punk rockers, and the skaters that thrive off the new emergence of Balzy bringing the raw energy back to life.
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