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The period of exaggeration . The 1970's were a golden age for music. It was an iconic era that brought us FM radio, the light show and spaced out synthesizers. We started to hear heartwarming folk rock, shimmering hard rock and effervescent funk groove hits. Disco also emerged and captured our imagination with stylish dance tunes by James Brown, Donna Summer and the Bee Gees.* At the start of the decade, singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens and Carole King were taking their brand of shabby nice vibes across waves of acoustic guitars and breezy horn sections. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Bob Marley skyrocketed up in popularity with groundbreaking albums that are still influencing artists today. The 70s had it all: classic funk jams from Kool & The Gang -- Celebration!, swampy guitar riffs from AC/DC -- Highway To Hell, ghetto grooves from Stevie Wonder such as Higher Ground mix with pleading honky tonks flowing out of Loretta Lynne’s smile; not to forget mythical proggers like Genesis, R
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