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When the Metal is female

The pleasure of blood, the prohibited and sensual attraction to the feminine beauty, voices that attract you into another world accompanied by the perfect metal. Are you ready for a totally killer track from an electric metal band, as fronted by a talented female lead vocalist? If so, perfect Ð you're in the right place! Her sultry and powerful voice perfectly captures the genre perfectly. Each beat is impeccably timed with her energetic entry and soaring melodies, culminating in one amazing listening experience. Get ready to prepare to rock out Ð because this metal band featuring a female voice is sure to put you in the mood for some serious headbanging.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-We Are The Fallen - Bury Me Alive
2-Halestorm - I Miss The Misery
3-The Gathering - Leaves
4-Lacuna Coil - Spellbound
5-Babymetal - Ijime Dame Zettai