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A cry that comes from the fields , from slavery. It gets free and travels through the Atlantic , takes the Cuban passion, the African percussion, the AndalusiaÕs guitar and the misery of the countryside. A merge born from the history to redeem itself and to flow into an accelerated dance, vibrant, and, finally, free.Rumba is a genre of music characterized by its upbeat rhythm and passionate essence. When you listen to a rumba beat, it's impossible to stay still--the need to dance emerges from within! Singing rumba songs is an excellent way to appreciate the emotions that this musical style inspires. You'll quickly find yourself swaying along with the energetic delivery and often personal lyrics of the tune. It can be soulful and evoke stirring feelings; at the same time, it will invigorate your spirit with its undeniable catchiness. So crank up some spicy rumba music today and share in this unique Latin experience! A playlist with the best rumba songs