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The sweet body, the perfection of the lines, the empathy and emotional intelligence. Music has long been an integral part of women's culture and expression. From the basic diatonic scales stemming from throughout the world to modern musical endeavors, the history of female contributions is intertwined with age-old innovation. Whether it be a universal lineage or imaginative experimentation, many women have influenced music as we know today. Female powerhouses in various fields ranging from opera singers to classical composers evoke emotion, evoke a sense wonder, and forge a strong bond between past and present musically derived identities. Today's cutting-edge musicians demonstrate both traditional reverence and contemporary daring in their creations that drive forward our collective landscapes of sound.
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Sexual misunderstanding

Jo with some friends watch a football match, afterward, they go to a discotheque. They drink a lot. Jo knows a girl and they have sex in a public bathroom. At 7 a.m. a drunk woman reaches her house. Her husband told her: “Hi Josephine I haven’t realized you were out”.
Tag: lesbian, drink beer, masculism, preconcept
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