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A half-naked, warm, intriguing body
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My favourite hobby is photography.

I have been practicing photography for nearly 15 years and it continues giving me a real satisfaction because fortunately it’s a hobby that allows you to create something, something beautiful. The only things you need to be a good photographer are basically, in addition to a good camera, passion and fantasy. You can practice photography anywhere and it’s a lot of fun to see the world with a different eye, the strange eye of your camera lenses. Barcelona, in particular, is very stimulating for this kind of hobbies because it offers different scenarios, because it lets you know people, because it gives you many possibilities and especially because it’s a fresh and happy city. I recommend this hobby to all the people who want to try because it’s easy to learn and there are no written rules so everyone can reach his own style and be proud of his works. My secret hobby is voyeurism.
Tag: voyeurism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, watch in the dark
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