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This country is not for young people. Music is deeply woven into the fabric of Italian culture. Since the days of Renaissance composers like Monteverdi and Bach, Italy has drawn musicians from all four corners of the globe. Music serves as one of the bridges that unite Italians together, regardless of regional differences in language, food, or dress. From the annual Venice carnival to modern day singing societies that echo back to an older time period, music plays an important role in everyday life throughout Italy. One can find melodies everywhere, filling during a sunset dinner along the Amalfi Coast or beneath starlit nights in Rome's ancient city squares. Even buses rolling along lush Italian highways often have salsa emanating from their speakers! Italy flows with sounds and stories rooted in ages past so close we can feel its distinction without reaching more than our own ears. Indeed Italy lays true claim to being one of worlds’ most devoted officers per capita when it comes to
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