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Italian soundtrack, distant and unreal atmospheres

Real life is so strange that it far exceeds fantasy. Don’t you think your life deserves a soundtrack? We make the sounds and you put them together.
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Cinema of Italy - soundtracks

Dario Argentino an Italian Director, Screenwriter and Producer, made history with the soundtrack for the famous horror movie "Profondo Rosso"(Deep Red), recorded and scored by the Italian Progress rock band "Goblin". Initially recognised amongst their followers as "Cherry Five" after collaborating on the music score with Dario Argentino, the band changed their outlook and name to "Goblin".

Adding their own instrumental feel and rock album "Roller" to the music script, making changes to the line-up and sound from the original version written by Giorgio Gaslini. Dario Argentino collaborated again with "Goblin" on his movie "Suspiria" in 1977, again making history with the combination of dark sounds and erotic variations of rock music.

2009 saw the revival and 3D remake of "Profondo Rosso" (Deep Red) a horror movie with a dark edge. This inspired Dario Argentino to elaborate with his soundtracks and re-create and re-write the 3D horror movie "Suspiria" in 2011. Both soundtracks came back to life but with a new and exciting dimension to the original version. Dario Argentino is one of the most famous Screenwriters of all times to have produced powerful Italian Soundtracks from movies such as Dracula and collaborated with one the renowned Italian Film Director, Luigi Cozzi, famous for his cult films and distinguished soundtracks.