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Woman power

Women who use their sexuality as a weapon, a new generation that no longer fights the macho society for equal rights, but rather takes the opportunity to exploit their power. This is a sad, but a criticizable and realistic point of view of the gender equality battle. However, the gradual increase in equal rights is too little and sexual violence is a persitent problem. She rocks your heart with her woman power. Her melodious harmonies fill the air and you can feel every emotion coming from her R&B music. It keeps playing like a lullaby to soothe a broken soul. Her voice, steady yet melancholic, floats in the atmosphere like a gentle breeze on a lonely night. Tears trickle down your cheeks and hit their mark, as if the music had personally delivered that quiver of sadness to your heart. Yet even in her darkest emotions, she gives sound to her resilience; affirmations from an unshaken lyrical powerhouse. A playlist dedicate to the role of the woman in the modern society and a criticizable point of view of gender equality.
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1-Missy Elliott - Work It
2-Rihanna - Man Down
3-Christina Aguilera - Candyman
4-Uffie - Difficult
5-Charli Xcx - Superlove


Special contents


Feminism may have come to receive a well-deserved bad rap recently with the influx of third wave, more radical movement. However, it's root is a movement that no one can truly disagree with. This is the honest and raw declaration of equality for everyone, the call against oppression, not made up politically correct terms or BuzzFeed articles.
Out of this movement comes truly empowering music that doesn't seek to change your opinion or silence it but rather makes it loud, clear and heard. Here is list of three truly feminist songs, not those that make you feel pretty, but those that make you feel like you have a voice.

1. Bjork - Declare Independence
Declare Independence includes everything you need to start a (peaceful!) riot with a strong call to "raise your flag" and stand your ground. The repeating sound of Bjork, an Icelandic musician, calling to raise your flag and declare independence empowers you to do just that. In fact, after a strong performance of this song in China, Bjork was warned that she would be banned if she repeated the act on the ground that it was propaganda. The song is surely a pick me up for times when you are doubting yourself.

2. Nirvana - Been a Son
Nirvana is perhaps best known for their angst but there is something to be said about feminist angst just as equally. "Been a Son" questions the treatment of women and the standards they are held to. The lyrics "she should have died when she was born, she should have worn the crown of thorns, she should have been a son" definitely stick.

3. Leslie Gore - You Don't Own Me
This feminist anthem makes this list complete as Leslie demands freedom and a right to not be treated like a trophy. In 1963, well ahead of curve, "Don't tell me what to do, don't tell me what to say, and please when I go out with you, don't put me on display" Leslie sang.